Non-NRA Courses

CCW - Concealed Carry Class

This course was developed for individuals who have had some basic firearms training (military training, former LE, NRA Basic Pistol, hunter safety course, taught by family). The classroom portion will cover applicable state law and case law regarding carrying a concealed weapon. The universal gun safety rules will be introduced and must be memorized by the end of the course. The course will cover methods for concealed carry. Shooting fundamentals and remedial actions for weapons malfunctions will be discussed and practiced in class. All class participants must complete a written test to move onto the

Students will put the fundamentals into practice with dry and live-fire training on the range. Upon completion of range time, all participants must pass a qualification course of fire to complete the course.

This course exceeds the minimum standards required for a CCW permit.

Personal Coaching

One-on-one coaching is available on an hourly basis to help you develop your shooting fundamentals. The student will be responsible for all range fees and supply their own ammo. An instructor will be available for $50 per hour for coaching, schedule permitting.

    • Cost: $150; Not Including Ammo & Range Fees
    • Ammo: 200 rounds (no live ammo in class!)
    • Handgun (of your choice, notify us of your make and model when registering)
    • Holster