Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just take the NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home without any of the lessor courses?

No, a student must complete "Basic Pistol" and "Personal Protection In The Home" course before attending "Personal Protection Outside The Home".

Can someone complete a course but not receive credit and a certificate?

Yes, attending the course in part or its entirety is no guarantee a participant will pass the course. We will do our best to ensure that all participants pass the courses. Ultimately, if we determine throughout the course that a participant poses a risk to others or themselves or is mishandling firearms we can and will dismiss them from the course and that participant will not receive credit or a refund for the course.

Is there a minimum number of students required for courses to take place?

Yes, for NRA sponsored courses, a minimum of 4 students must be registered; with the exception of "Refuse To Be A Victim" which is a minimum of 10 students.

For non-NRA courses a minimum of 6 students must be registered.

Do you offer veteran or public safety discounts?

Yes, we offer 15% off for veterans and public safety employees. Immediate family members, who participate in a course at the same time, will also qualify for the discount.