FFITT's mission is to provide quality training for students in a fun and safe learning environment.

We believe it takes more than just a two-hour course that teaches just gun safety to obtain a concealed carry permit. Students should receive similar training to individuals in a profession of arms. The training should include classroom time covering more than basic gun safety. It should also include developing a personal protection plan, defensive shooting fundamentals, violent encounters and their aftermath, what to do when the police arrive, and continuing education.

The owner is a veteran and has a law enforcement background. His philosophy is that individuals who have been in a profession of arms are the best people to teach the public about their 2nd Amendment rights and our best to utilize that right. As a result, all of our instructors have a background in either the military, law enforcement, or both.

All of our instructors hold multiple NRA Instructor Certifications. In addition, they may have held instructor certifications in the military or law enforcement. They also possess a Range Safety Officer Certification through the NRA or the USCCA.

If someone has had little to no experience with firearms, we also have multiple options with NRA courses. From the Basic Pistol Course to two higher levels of training, we can help someone become knowledgeable and comfortable handling firearms safely and confidently.

We have programs for individuals who want to learn just the basics, get into competitive shooting, to carrying concealed. Regardless of what route you choose, we will help you get through in a fun and safe learning environment.

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